‘NLP can reduce logistics costs, improve exports, operational efficiency’

“India’s high logistics costs, 14-18% of GDP compared to 8% for other global leaders, inflate domestic product prices,” says Sandeep Chadha, Founder and CEO, Warehouster. He adds, “These costs also hinder Indian exports and national logistics policy can streamline operations and reduce expenses, making Indian products more competitive internationally. A well-developed logistics network, stemming from a policy framework, can minimise the spoilage of agricultural products, a crucial mainstay of our supply-side economy, by ensuring quicker movement from farms to consumers, benefiting both farmers and consumers. The e-commerce boom, which thrives on fast deliveries, necessitates improved infrastructure for efficient warehousing and last-mile delivery. The success of e-commerce, with an estimated market size of US$57-60 billion in 2023 and projected to grow to US$300 billion by 2030, a CAGR of 20-22%, hinges on efficient logistics. Last-mile delivery, a crucial aspect here, benefits from the National Logistics Policy and advancements in coordination, offering faster deliveries, improved tracking, and greater reach, especially in remote areas.”