‘New airports & aerodromes will expedite regional connectivity’

Debajyoti Bagchi, VP, Trucking and Air Cargo Charters, TT Aviation Handling Services Pvt Ltd. said, “The ‘Bright Star’ 2023 budget of the world’s 5th largest economy reveals people centric agenda and facilitate sustainable economic development. It’s a progressive thought process of new India that has aimed at artificial intelligence, MSMEs as a growth engine, women empowerment, digitization, and most importantly Indian start ups which is the 3rd largest ecosystem globally. The vision of 50 additional airports & aerodromes will expedite the abundance of regional connectivity including passenger and cargo. In addition to that, the prioritization of 100 identified critical transport projects will be a crucial factor for NLP deliverables. Revision of the income slabs in the proposed income tax regime will allow some definite breather for people. However, the budget doesn’t mull anything on the lowering of the fuel/LPG prices to reduce overall inflation.