MAA needs urgent infra upgradation to expedite cargo: ACAAI

Chennai air cargo complex, which was once the air cargo gateway of the South require infrastructure upgradation and renovation, on urgent basis, says, Dinesh Krishnan, Chairman, ACAAI Southern Region, Chennai.
Raising concerns over poor Infrastructure investments & Dwindling cargo tonnage at the terminal right now he said, “Major multinational majors in Auto , Telecom, Hi Tech, Chemicals, Leather & Textiles have set up large scale units around Chennai city, demanding top line air cargo products for their global supply chain reliability. They are now forced to divert their air cargo to other airports by road to meet their air cargo requirements at high risk and costs daily.

ACAAI Southern Region chairpersons have been flagging this issue for the past several months for the authorities to take some action. “I have reached out to few others associations like BAR’S South , MCC, CII, FIEO, Tamil Nadu Govt Logistics council, FICCI, AAI & AAICLAS regarding the issues currently plaguing the growth potential of Chennai air cargo industry. We have now escalated the same to “The Special Secretary (Logistics), DPIIT, M/o Commerce & Industry & The Senior Economic Advisor, M/o Civil Aviation“ for their intervention to address this crises at ACCMAA,” he added.