Lulu Group to open a logistics & food processing centre in Amritsar

Multinational retail company, Lulu Group International is planning to open a logistics and food processing centre in Amritsar, Punjab. “Our group is intending to have a logistics and food processing centre in Amritsar for the storage, processing, grading and packing of various local agriculture and other produce,” said Salim M A, director of Lulu Group, in a press release. “Amritsar is known for its vibrant business environment and especially for its thriving small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The city will now be a part of our sourcing of local products which will greatly help SMEs, local farmers, agricultural cooperatives and farmers producer organisations,” he added.
Lulu Group officials will be soon visiting Amritsar to discuss with SMEs and other suppliers to finalise this collaboration at the earliest, the release added. In India, Lulu has its logistics and procurement centres in different states from where it annually exports Rs 10,000 crores worth of more than 45,000 megatonne of agriculture and other products for its 270 retail stores spread across the Middle East, Far East and Africa.