LogYcode mobile app available on Google Play Store

Digital integration and technological remodeling are imperative for simpler, cost-effective, convenient, transparent and accurate implementation of supply chain functioning. LogYcode has launched the mobile app to serve the need of the hour. With the app, the user can now check and compare live market freight rates, book shipments, refer to tariffs, create and manage freight documents, track shipments, get bill invoices, book transportation, 24×7 chatbot and customer service, on the go using the LogYcode Mobile Application which is freely available on Google Play store for download.
This is the 21st century, which is mushrooming towards technological infinity, positioning people’s expectation at the zenith degree. Logistics industry is no exception in terms of technological advancement. The industry is enduring the progress steadily, however, still lags for handy and consumer friendly processes. It is high time the cargo fraternity experiences easy access platforms and applications to effectuate supply chain tasks. Why not have pocket logistics services!