Logistics industry will be led by fleet technology in 2022

According to the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index, India’s logistics sector is valued at $160 billion and employs over 22 million people directly. It is expected to grow at a 10% CAGR to $215 billion by 2022.Rudimentary methods of fleet management in today’s scenario are heavily impacting business efficiency as well as the safety of vehicles and drivers. Adoption of technology, especially AI and IoT, will have a transformative impact on the Indian logistics industry. The shift has already begun, with many companies introducing smart solutions to help fleet owners and operators manage their business efficiently. LocoNav offers a bespoke and comprehensive full-stack SaaS-based fleet technology solution that benefits several fleet owners and drivers across India and the world. Here is a detailed look into its Fleet Management Solution.

LocoNav’s Fleet Management Solutions help fleet owners and operators run and manage their fleet in a safe and efficient manner. It can be used for all kinds of on-road vehicles such as cars, taxis, bikes, buses, trucks, ambulances, police vans, and even construction vehicles, helping fleet owners from different industries to keep track of their vehicles and stay on top of their business. It integrates over 2200 devices around the world and shares real-time alerts, rich analytics, customised reports, and more in a super easy-to-use interface which is available in over 14 languages such as English, Hindi, Punjabi, Arabic, Spanish, etc.

Here are the top 12 key features of the Fleet Management Solution offering:

Vehicle tracking: With the help of a simple GPS tracker attached to the vehicle, fleet owners and operators can easily track the vehicle’s live location, speed, and distance covered on each and every trip. Fleet managers can receive real-time alerts on their vehicle’s movement throughout the course of its journey for any specific event or incident that they wish to be notified about.This helps them to protect and monitor their assets from theft or harm. Additionally, tracking the behaviour of the driver and reducing excessive idling time can help fleet managers save big on fuel costs as well.

Vehicle Management: It helps manage the fleet effectively and enhances visibility for each vehicle added to the system by the fleet owners and operators, irrespective of the fleet size. Fleet owners and operators can look at their vehicles’ health and performance statistics. They can manage multiple vehicles at the same time on a single dashboard.

Trip Management: This module within the LocoNav Fleet Management Solution platform helps fleet owners and operators create, monitor, and manage multiple trips that their vehicles have undertaken, or will undertake, with ease. Fleet owners and operators can create trip schedules for recurring trips, create and assign routes, and see the current status of all the trips (new, ongoing, delayed, completed, and unsuccessful). LocoNav automatically detects the start and completion time of the trip based on the location and movement of the vehicle and can send notifications to the user.

Expense Management: This feature within the LocoNav Fleet Management Solution platform helps record and manage fleet and driver expenses, such as maintenance, services, repairs, toll tax, food, fuel, etc., in a single place. Along with that comes the LocoNav FASTag, a reloadable tag that automatically deducts toll tax from the LocoNav wallet at toll plazas all across the country. LocoNav’s FASTag offers a unique double deduction algorithm that automatically identifies instances of wrong debits and raises such transactions to the bank for chargeback, saving owners up to 2% on tolls per vehicle every month.

Fleet owners and operators can upload and create a repository of all their essential documents in a safe and secure manner. Documents belonging to different categories (vehicle documents, driver documents, user documents, company documents) can be saved and easily accessed via the platform. Through this feature, fleet owners can also get renewal alerts for these documents, which can save them from heavy fines.

Driver Management: Fleet owners can add and manage all driver details (name, phone number, licence number, etc.) all in one place. Further, the driver app is a task management tool that enables communication between drivers and fleet operators, wherein tasks can be assigned to drivers and drivers can provide electronic proof of task completion and deliveries.

Reports and Analytics: This is a powerful feature that gives detailed insights into the performance of the vehicle and the drivers, helping fleet owners and operators visually analyse trends and events. With analytics, fleet owners and operators can get systematic information about the vehicle’s performance via graphs and charts that delineate harsh acceleration, harsh braking, overspeeding, sharp cornering, etc. and their trends. It also gives a detailed analysis of driver performance on the basis of graphs showcasing different incident trends.

Maintenance: LocoNav’s FMS even offers preventive maintenance, with which users can view and manage their fleet’s service schedules, see history, schedule service reminders, and get a detailed account of the service history of all the vehicles added to the platform. This helps fleet owners maintain their vehicles better, thereby saving costs by increasing their fuel efficiency, which in turn helps climate sustainability.

Geofence: The Geofence feature creates a virtual perimeter around areas of interest and sends alerts to fleet owners/operators as and when a vehicle moves in or out of the geofenced area. This helps in creating visibility for the vehicle movement.

Fuel Monitoring: With the help of fuel rods/sensors installed in the vehicle’s fuel tank, LocoNav’s FMS helps fleet owners and operators monitor and manage their fuel consumption. With this, they can prevent fuel theft by gaining insights on fuel consumption along with getting real-time alerts on refuelling and possible fuel theft. This feature can also help keep track of fuel efficiency and take required actions for vehicles with poor mileage.

Vehicle Safety: LocoNav’s FMS comes with a suite of features that contribute to optimum vehicle safety. These include vehicle immobilisers, with which users can remotely prevent the vehicle from moving. Among other features, fleet operators can also get real-time alerts on dangerous incidents (harsh braking, harsh acceleration, overspeeding, etc.), SOS alerts, door sensors (e-locks) with which doors can be remotely controlled, and temperature sensors, to keep temperature-sensitive cargo safe.

AIS-140 Certification and Payments: LocoNav’s GPS tracking offering is AIS-140 certified. The Fleet Management Solution also offers a unique double deduction algorithm that helps with efficient expense management for LocoNav FASTag usage.