Locus launches ShipFlex for flexible third-party delivery

Locus announced the launch of ShipFlex, a third-party delivery platform that provides businesses with the flexibility to fully outsource their deliveries to a wide range of delivery carriers. “ShipFlex helps businesses expand their reach and achieve break-neck delivery speeds, enabling them to offer same-day and next-day delivery capabilities in new geographies,” says an official release.

ShipFlex addresses complexities by automating entire carrier workflows for the optimal price and delivering end-to-end visibility of order-to-doorstep deliveries across in-house, contracted, and outsourced fleets on a single dashboard. The platform also gives businesses access to Locus’ global carrier partners such as FedEx, RPX Logistics, Loomis Express, Shadowfax and SPL, helping them with their delivery orchestration in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner, the release adds.

“Predictability and transparency are the two pillars of modern-day logistics operations,” says Nishith Rastogi, Founder and CEO, Locus. “To efficiently manage the colossal order volumes, achieve lightning-fast deliveries, and consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience, businesses need to have full control of their last-mile operations. ShipFlex is a result of our years of logistics industry experience and customer feedback. Through the integration with our dispatch management platform, ShipFlex will solve industry pain points by streamlining the entire last-mile fulfilment cycle, reducing costs, and improving the customer experience. ShipFlex is a game-changer for businesses that need fast, predictable deliveries to stay competitive.”