Jeena & Co., partners with TechEagle innovations for efficient drone deliveries

Jeena & Co., a legacy logistics brand has been at the forefront of digital adoption and tech enabled innovation in end to end logistics solutions, has once again, taken a lead in embracing the latest in supply chain technology innovations. As part of this strategic partnership, Jeena has provided on ground logistics support to TechEagle in successful completion of Asia’s First Drone based vaccine delivery project in complete cold chain environment for the Telangana government. During the project, TechEagle’s Drone delivered vaccines in a temperature controlled box weighing 2.5kg for an aerial distance of 11.5km Drone maintained 2.4 degree Celsius through out the flight.
For the project Jeena Criticare managed the on-ground logistics & transportation while TechEagel was the Drone OEM & Operator, for the specialised drone enabled medical supply chain.