‘Inefficient transportation, optimising routes, reducing transit times & costs vital’

Vivek Juneja, Founder & Managing Director, Varuna Group opines, “Inefficient Transportation Management remains a challenge. Selecting appropriate transport modes and optimising routes can be complex. Partnering with top logistics companies in India can help overcome these challenges by optimising routes, reducing transit times, and minimising costs. Advanced warehouse services and robust inventory management is essential but often lacking. Modern technologies like automated storage systems, barcode scanning, and warehouse management systems (WMS) can significantly enhance inventory tracking and order fulfilment. Managing inventory levels to meet customer demand without incurring excessive costs is challenging. Advanced inventory management software can automate processes, provide real-time data, and help businesses maintain optimal stock levels. Lack of visibility in the supply chain can lead to delays and inefficiencies. Using GPS, RFID, and IoT technologies, top logistics companies offer real-time updates on shipments, improving planning and customer satisfaction.”