IndiGo CarGo to source 4 A321CEO converted aircraft in Aug

“After COVID-19 hit, we began cargo-only charters, initially using just the belly of our passenger aircraft, then expanding into ‘cargo-on-seat’ operations, after we received the necessary approvals, and later added a ‘cargo-on-floor’ A321. Hence, we have initiated a proper freighter program and are in the process of sourcing 4 A321CEO aircraft for conversion. The A321P2F—passenger-to-freighter conversion—is the narrow-bodied all-cargo aircraft available, offering 24 ULD positions and supporting a payload of up to 27 tonnes. We expect our first delivery in this month, coming from the conversion shop at Singapore Technologies. The aircraft is capable for IndiGo and able to service markets between China in the east and the Gulf in the west, not forgetting the CIS countries to the north,” said Mahesh Malik, Chief Commercial Officer, CarGo, IndiGo.