Indian trucking sector suffers losses of Rs2-3 Crore per day via FASTag: WheelsEye

According to WheelsEye Technology research, “Indian trucking sector is suffering from losses of ₹2-3 crore per day in faulty toll transactions. The Gurugram based logistics tech startup has revealed this figure in a research conducted on over five lakh FASTag users. WheelsEye claimed that one out of every 60 FASTag transactions is faulty, as a result of which truck owners lose hard-earned money every day. This survey prompted the startup to develop an auto-detection and refund feature for wrong or double toll deductions from FASTag accounts. In an industry-first move, the company has launched an auto-detection & refund system for faulty FASTag transactions.
“E-toll collection systems are a symbol of developing economies. They enable a faster transit, check leakage, and create an efficient flow of money. While countries like Norway, Italy, Japan, USA, Germany have their e-toll collection systems since as early as 1969, India has just begun. It got a massive push due to the government making it mandatory and COVID-19 forcing contactless toll transactions. While we have reached a massive scale on adoption, we are still way behind in providing a glitch-free and smooth experience” says Sonesh Jain, Spokesperson, WheelsEye Technology.