‘Increased repo rate can lead to high costs, lower profits, competitiveness”

Reacting on increased repo rate and how it will impact the logistics trade, C K Govil. Vice President, ACAAI shares, “An increase in the repo rate in India can have a significant impact on the logistics industry. This is because the logistics industry heavily relies on borrowing to fund its operations and investments in infrastructure. An increase in the repo rate means higher interest rates on loans, which can increase the cost of borrowing for logistics companies. This can lead to higher operating costs, lower profit margins, and decreased competitiveness for the industry. Moreover, higher interest rates can also affect consumer spending and reduce demand for goods, leading to a decrease in the volume of goods being transported. This can result in a slowdown in the demand for logistics services, putting pressure on companies to find ways to reduce costs and remain profitable. Overall, an increase in the repo rate can have a negative impact on the logistics industry in India, leading to higher costs and decreased demand for logistics services.”