‘Govt must bring policies to support industries uplift India’

Kruti Jobanputra, Director, JW Ventures, says “Govt is fully focused on developing MMLPs across India to boost free flow of goods and improve connectivity. These initiatives are the ones that will bring all of our systems and procedures under one umbrella. Government should have control measures to help & support Industries to concentrate on uplifting India. This will bring forward a new phase in the sector allowing for more organization in the public sector and the private. More visibility between ministries and departments will allow for quicker actions. Make in India is going to boost our country’s ability to manufacture but to be able handle this growth and sustain it We need be able to create channels through which this growth in supply will go through. Therefore these three initiatives, if implemented correctly and consistently will play a pivotal role in the growth of India and I would say that progress is going pretty well. Just take the city of Mumbai for example, the amount of projects that are going on throughout the city, just goes to show that the future these initiatives are building is for the long run. Currently the discomfort we all feel, is due to a paradigm shift throughout the country because we are trying to raise ourselves and competitor head to head with the global industry. Government incentive to help create MMLP’s in tier 2 or tier 3 cities. For example, Tax breaks for setting up a project in rural areas, so that more jobs are created. These incentives would help drive more investments towards these large long term projects. It is common knowledge that the transportation aspect of our industry is governed by the Truckers that own a fleet or just operate their own. Without them we would find it extremely capital-intensive to transport this precious cargo. The expectation from the government would be to provide a program that allows these truckers to be up-skilled and have the ability to procure/operate these vehicles at a lower cost. These can be done through incentivizing long distance driving or reducing interest rates on the loans given. Also regulation in Labour & Union issues & cost; which is again challenge in most of the states especially in Maharashtra & West Bengal. Government should have control measures to help & support Industries to concentrate on uplifting India.”