Gender Diversity in Logistics: Need of the hour

The second day of the ongoing 46th annual convention of ACAAI concluded with a panel discussion featuring Women in the Logistics sector. The panelists included Sakshi Gupta, Pacific Air Log, Latha Prakash, Broekman Log, Kavita Iyer, Aahana Solutions, Phoram Sampat, EKF Global, Reena Plakal, Aerosail Services, and Anupama Kachhap, WFS, while the Session Chairperson was Chaitaly Mehta, Member, Managing Committee, ACAAI. The ladies who are experts in their professions not only shared their stories and experiences of surviving the pandemic while balancing home and work but also urged the industry stakeholders to give more chances and opportunities to women professionals. “Gender diversity in logistics is the need of the hour. Logistics is no more a Man’s world. We need equal opportunities as there’s nothing we can’t do,” they stressed. Women are playing crucial roles in the industry by undertaking various initiatives to foster growth and create sustainable environment while being at the helm. Women participation at the ACAAI convention is quite visible and laudable.