‘Enhancing efficiency, reliability of rail cargo crucial’

Enhancing the efficiency and reliability of rail cargo movement is crucial for optimising logistics in India, says Adhendru Jain, Vice President, Rail and Inland Terminals, DP World Subcontinent. He adds, “The government’s strong focus on creation of DFCs and MMLPs are aimed at further improving the movement of cargo via rail. The 2024-25 interim budget for India’s Railways included the introduction of three new DFCs that will support multi-modal connectivity. Enabling public-private partnerships to further boost infrastructure development and improved efficiency of rail freight movement.
The establishment of the Gati Shakti Multi-Modal Cargo Terminals coupled with the expansion of MMLPs, will greatly enhance accessibility across India’s key industrial hubs, facilitating seamless cargo movement. Addressing an imbalance in cargo movement, particularly evident in the major corridors of the North-East, requires a strategic shift towards rail-based transportation, reducing reliance on road networks and fostering equilibrium in cargo movement dynamics. Moreover, the integration of coastal, air, rail, and road modes into multimodal solutions promises a sustainable and efficient last-mile connectivity framework, ensuring optimal service delivery for customers nationwide.”