DCSC records surge in cargo shipment handling since Jan 2024

Delhi Cargo Service Center (DCSC) has recorded a surge in cargo shipment handling and cargo throughput since the beginning of 2024, indicating highest levels of efficiency, reliability and seamless operations. Avinash Razdan, Group CEO, Cargo Service Center informs, “Till January this year we were handling an average of around 600 tonnes of export and import cargo a day. Since beginning of February this year we have been consistently handling an average volume of 800 tonnes of cargo a day. We even touched 900 tonnes on 12th. Till January this year we used to screen 16,000 – 17,000 pieces per day. During February this year we have consistently been screening 28,000-29,000 pieces of cargo a day. This would not have been possible without our resources in place and more importantly without our determination in our minds. We are proud of our people.”