‘Data Integrity & accuracy vital for enhanced cargo operations’

Joshua Law, CCO & VP, MAB Kargo says, ” Digitalization is part of our DNA. It’s very important for us. Airlines have evolved in the last two decades. With passengers, cargo has also moved along. As an airline, we are currently actively working on the area where we want to make sure that the data that is come in, is as clean as possible for efficient operations.
Accurate, reliable, clean, and transparent data is the need of the hour so that it can be used and interpreted to make conscious business decisions. It will help us drive the business decision correctly.  People need to understand what AI is, how does it actually help you, what benefit it brings to you and how does it improve the area. This will require heavy investments. Data integrity is needed to ensure that the information is actually correct. So currently we have actually put in quite a lot of efforts and Introduced a lot of new systems. We are integrating them together, so that the data can flow seamlessly, more efficiently so that we can see the information faster, and we can make a more conscious business decision with that. We hope that it will drive the cargo industry forward.