Dachser USA expands Europe – US air cargo service with additional weekday flight

Responding to increased demand for airfreight transport options out of Europe, Dachser USA, a subsidiary of the global logistics provider Dachser, is expanding its dedicated Frankfurt-Chicago air cargo service with the addition of a second flight, scheduled for the weekday to compliment the current weekend schedule. Dachser USA has been successfully operating a dedicated Frankfurt-Chicago-Frankfurt air cargo service since end of July last year when demand for air transport began to increase due to pandemic-related supply chain disruption. The new route will be operated by American Airlines with B777/PAX freighters and will run every Wednesday from Frankfurt to Chicago. This additional dedicated air freight option will allow for more transit choices as Dachser’s extensive network continues to expand, innovate and deliver for its customers.
Andy Frommenwiler, Vice President – Airfreight, Dachser USA, commented, “Many of our customers are shifting some of their shipments to airfreight transport because of the uncertainty surrounding ocean transport right now. As volumes increase, our recently launched dedicated Frankfurt-Chicago airfreight service continues to attract clients and is now operating at full capacity. In order to serve the growing demand for reliable and predictable service levels, we launched our new weekday service, which is already drawing new customers.”