Dachser revenue exceeds EUR 7 billion for the first time

Dachser increased its consolidated revenue by 26.0 percent to EUR 7.1 billion in FY 2021. After the lockdown-driven lateral detour of the previous year, the logistics service provider is back on a dynamic growth track. The positive outcome for 2021 is due to organic growth in shipments and tonnage of 6.3 percent, or 7.7 percent at the Group level. High freight prices, caused by the shortage of load capacity experienced by all carriers, set the seal on this jump in revenue. Burkhard Eling, CEO at Dachser said, “There’s no question that 2021 was exceptional in many ways, with some extreme challenges to overcome. It was marked by Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic, and global supply chains pushed to breaking point, all of which caused great uncertainty among our customers. Even in this situation, we managed to offer logistics solutions while still maintaining a high level of quality and service.”