CJ Darcl launches 1st EV for cargo movement in Bengaluru

CJ DARCL Logistics has introduced its first electric vehicle (EV) for intra-city cargo movement in Bengaluru. The initiative is taken to enhance sustainability and company’s ambition to achieve zero carbon emissions. Nikhil Agarwal, President at CJ DARCL Logistics Ltd., inaugurated the pilot run, emphasizing the company’s proactive approach to environmental responsibility. The meticulously planned route, carefully devised by the fleet management team, ensuring optimal efficiency per charge while minimizing the ecological footprint. The deployment of the EV represents CJ DARCL Logistics’ initial step towards embracing alternative fuels for both short and long-haul cargo delivery. The electric vehicle will be utilized for intra-city cargo movement, serving a prominent construction equipment OEM. By integrating electric vehicles into its fleet, CJ DARCL Logistics demonstrates its commitment to expanding sustainability goals and leading the industry in embracing eco-friendly transportation solutions.