Cathay Pacific launches supersize Skid Fire Containment Bag in India, fulfilling demand for lithium-ion battery shipments

Cathay Pacific Cargo has launched ‘Skid Fire Containment Bag’ (SFCB) in the Indian market to ensure safe and convenient transportation of lithium-ion batteries with an unlimited loadable weight capacity. This innovative cargo solution is developed to fulfil the growing global demand for lithium-ion battery shipments. SFCB is an advanced and enhanced version of the earlier introduced ‘Fire Containment Bag’ (FCB) which had a limited loadable weight capacity of up to 50 kg for lithium-ion batteries. Currently, Skid FCB service has been rolled out to three ports of Cathay Pacific in India – Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai, and is also available in other ports across the network, namely – Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xiamen, Chongqing, Chengdu, Kansai, London, Taipei, Penang, Dhaka and will be progressively rolled out across Cathay Pacific and Air Hong Kong network in months to come.

One of the key advantages of Skid FCB is that it is over five times larger and can exclusively be used for skid size shipments like larger-sized batteries used in e-vehicles. The Skid FCB is designed to transport hazardous cargo and is constructed of innovative fire-retardant material that can contain the fire within the bag, in case of the battery combusting. The bag limits the supply of oxygen, while letting the smoke escape triggering the smoke detectors on board, thus also safeguarding other shipments on board.

Rajesh Menon, Regional Head Cargo – South Asia, Middle East and Africa, Cathay Pacific, says, “At Cathay Pacific Cargo, we take pride in providing our customers with holistic innovative solutions, while also ensuring the safe and secure delivery of all shipment. The support we received across our 50 ports for the Fire Containment bag has been overwhelming. To further support the movements of lithium battery shipments we have introduced ‘Skid Fire Containment Bag’ (SFCB). This innovative solution is also aimed to cater to the growing technology and automobile industries in India with the requirement of bigger battery sizes. To ensure the safety of the products, we undertake many initiatives to raise awareness amongst our shippers, freight forwarders, ground handlers and staff.”