Cathay Pacific cargo introduces Ultra Track for real-time monitoring

Cathay Pacific Cargo is introducing Ultra Track, its multi-dimensional tracking product, to its network, with a phased introduction at 29 ports across the globe. Cathay Pacific Cargo’s Ultra Track uses the Descartes Core Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)TM Network, Tags and Readers. These data-loggers and transmitters offer visibility to Cathay Pacific Cargo customers who can now monitor shipments in near real-time through the airport-to-airport leg of the air-cargo journey. This is the first Cathay Pacific IoT (internet of things) application that enables remote connection to shipments.
Ultra Track is suitable for pharmaceutical, perishable and other vulnerable shipments. The loggers record and transmit data to Bluetooth readers in the cargo terminal and on the airside ramp area. Data includes GPS location and temperature – and depending on the type of shipment, this can be extended to include light, humidity (for example, for cut-flower shipments) and vibration, which is important for sensitive specialist cargo such as stepper machines, the printing presses for microchips.