‘Cargo safety & security in warehouses vital’

Kruti Jobanputra, Director, JW Ventures says, “We put the highest emphasis on the safety and security of cargo. We ensure that our clients’ precious cargo is stored, handled and transport safely and with the highest quality. To ensure this safety, entry into any of our premises will require an appointment and prior notice that has to be given to the security. We track everyone who enters and exits the facility thru the use of a Gate Pass. Every vehicle in and out is checked and is inputted into a register. We 24×7 CCTV surveillance and a 100% power back up for our cold-chain facilities.
For the storage of cargo itself, we have ensured that there is only one entry and one exit point so that unauthorized access is limited. The security guards are required to check for ID cards and or some form of authorization that requires a person access.
For Fire safety we have an emergency response team at each site and have our own fire tender to ensure that the first responders are able to take action and that we do not have to wait for any third party.”