‘Cargo industry must collaborate for paperless future’

“Technology has always been there, but the need is to embrace it fully. There’s an urgent need to go paperless, said experts at the recently concluded ACAAI’s 47th Annual Convention. They added. “Cargo movement can be done without a single paper. Airlines, shippers, customs house agents, airports – need to come together and collaborate with each other to make this happen.” The discussion was on ‘Impact of Emerging Technology in logistics.’ Session Chairperson Chaitaly Mehta and venerable panellists, including Priyanka Ann Saini, Charlie Pesti, Kenneth Chan, MASkargo, Nomita Kothari, CEO, New Globe Logistic, and Vikram Kumar, Secretary, ACAAI emphasized on the pros and cons of implementing advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Internet of Things etc., in air cargo business.