Cargo has been a leading light amidst crisis: Willy Boulter

Talking about the critical role of air cargo in dealing with the pandemic, Willy Boulter, IndiGo, says, “This is an unprecedented situation in airline business and like everyone IndiGo has been affected too. Through this period, cargo has been a leading light; we have started operating cargo in cabin freighters. Cargo has always been a successful but small part of IndiGo’s business, yet, it has provided some welcome revenue to us over the past five months and recently we have been operating 500 cargo charters in a month.”
“In line with our mission to support the nation, IndiGo operated over 1,700 cargo charters, transporting more than 14,300 MT of supplies since April 18, 2020 till September 7, 2020. The cargo charter flights operated across 21 destinations within India and internationally, including new stations like Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, Cairo in Egypt, Almaty in Kazakhstan and Tashkent in Uzbekistan.
We have earned marginally higher revenue over the last five months as compared to the earnings over the last financial year. Furthermore, at only 32 per cent of operations in August 2020, IndiGo successfully managed to generate the highest ever monthly net revenue with January being the last top earning month,” he adds.