Bobba Logistics launches Distribution Hub Services for dry and cold storage

Bobba Logistics has introduced highly efficient Distribution Hub Services to enhance dry and cold storage. Strategically located off NH7 and well within city limits, one can get complete location advantage with the Distribution Hub Services. The Bobba Logistics Distribution Hub will be responsible for:

1. Resourceful Warehousing: with sufficient space for storage, including both dry and cold storage, this solution is designed to benefit clients in Cost cutting Operating expenses (Opex) day-to-day expenses incurred by a business to maintain its ongoing operations.

2. Spike management: Our Distribution hub is equipped to handle sudden or unexpected increases in demand for products or services, without any disruptions.

3. Supply Chain Visibility: end-to-end visibility in supply chain to optimize logistics and respond to changes economically, and scalability.


• Operational front: Advanced technology and automation to help optimize the entire supply chain, from storage, quality checks and order picking to delivery and cross docking
• Inventory Management: Distribution hub provides better control and visibility over stock levels. This benefits in reducing excess inventory and minimizing stockouts.
• Inventory updates: Facilitating Real-time Tracking, IOT, barcoding / RIFD for stock inventory, aids in monitoring your stock status, shipment locations.
• Order Fulfillment: strategically located to serve markets trend efficiently. Our optimal proximity enables quicker order fulfilment, and reduces lead times, meeting customer demands and improving overall service levels.
• Financial Flexibility: At Bobba Logistics we have a Pay-As You-Store concept that aligns pricing with the storage used. This helps to get rid of the fixed costs of outmoded distribution hubs.
• At our Distribution Hub we provide solutions for Data Driven Decision for Spike movement in unpredictable Market trends, along with a contingency plan for Risk Mitigation.
• Energy Efficiency: Our warehouse/distribution hub is eco-friendly, optimizing resources ably.
• Cross-Docking: Make use of our cross-docking facility to reduce the storage time and therefore speed up the distribution process.