AVG Logistics takes parcel cargo express train on lease for Rs 105 crores

AVG Logistics Ltd has taken on lease Parcel Cargo Express Train, (goods train) running from Chennai to Guwahati for Rs 105 crore. The train will be used by AVG Logistics to transport its goods and will ply four times in a month, completing 313 trips during the lease period of six years. Although the train will be managed and operated by the Indian Railways, the responsibility for filling the train with goods lies with AVG Logistics. AVG will transport goods such as tyres, textiles, readymade garments, FMCG products and agarbattis. From Guwahati, the train is expected to transport goods like tea, bamboo products, plastic goods, mosquito repellents, FMCG items and hair oil. Indian Railways has inked similar deals with DTDC Express, DRTC Logistics, DOT Express, Patel Roadways, V-Trans and FastDespatch Logistics. The scheme, called Parcel Cargo Express Train, was introduced in 2020, and promoted as an alternative to booking an entire goods cabin, said official reports.