Astral Aviation launches new freighter route to meet perishable demand

Kenya-based cargo airline Astral Aviation has launched a new freighter route from Nairobi to Tel Aviv. The scheduled route will be served by a Boeing 757 freighter and aims to cater for perishables demand. Chief executive, Sanjeev Gadhia said that the direct flight from Nairobi to Tel Aviv will reduce the transit time from 24 hours to five hours for Kenyan perishables, which previously were being routed via other hubs such as Istanbul, Addis Ababa, and Dubai. Gadhia added that return flights will enable exports from Israel to reach Africa via Astral’s Nairobi hub, strengthening the economic links between Kenya and Israel. The outbound flights will facilitate the efficient transportation of perishables, notably pineapples and vegetables. The initiative is also expected to facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships.