‘Air Cargo experts urges to extend GST exemption notification’

Air cargo stakeholders have appealed for extension of GST exemption notification. The GST exemption was valid till 30 September. “With effect from 1 October, there will be an additional upfront of 18 per cent of GST payable on export freight with the facility for input credit. While Commerce ministry wants every district to identify and promote exports of at least one product. Even for the GST registered, this increase its compliance cost as full input credit is permitted, which shall not fetch any extra revenue to the government but increase the compliance cost to tax assesses. Internationally, all export-related charges are Zero rated, except in Indi where the increase in logistics cost increase the cost further,” said J Krishnan, former ACAAI President and Board of Advisors. M Afzal Malbarwala, President, ACAAI sharing his views said, “It will affect us and exporters business. The cash flow will be the biggest hurdle. Every exporter must have made huge investments since all importers are asking for credit and to keep up business and to compete with other countries our exporters must do. On top of it, the rule seriously affects exports. The government wants to promote exports and has launched new NLP which was accepted by all and now a big blow. Anywhere in the world there is no GST on exports and related. The sea freight which is not even 1/3rd cost of airfreight there is no GST then why for air. Air imports have no GST, but sea imports GST have 5 per cent only. We request the government to seriously
rethink and charge GST @ 0 per cent, which is the norm in sea and air.”