ACS records best ever Q3 revenue for the cargo division

Air Charter Service (ACS) recorded its busiest quarter for the cargo division with 1,445 charters in the third quarter of August-October 2021 (the financial year for ACS runs February-January).
Along with other divisions, ACS reported its highest revenue in a single quarter of £321.1 million ($430 million) as against £212 million ($282 million) in Q2.
“The incredible increase in revenue was, of course, in part due to the current supply chain crisis,” said founder and chairman Chris Leach. “Firstly, revenues have increased due to demand becoming more long haul on larger aircraft which, naturally, are more expensive. The majority of this demand has been from Asia, which has seen an especially significant reduction in belly capacity due to travel restrictions in the region, meaning charter options have also been extremely limited. Our speciality in finding these solutions, along with our strong presence in Asia, has meant that we have been able to find solutions that others simply haven’t.”