High freight rates, infra, connectivity, key focus areas

“The pandemic and its aftermath has had a major impact on the air cargo industry. The sector managed to perform and deliver good results in spite of the severe challenges,” says, M Afzal Malbarwala, President while justifying the theme, ‘Resilient Air Cargo – Post Pandemic.’ “Learning from challenges faced, the Air Cargo industry is focussed on enhancing the infrastructure at all major cargo points, ensuring our airports are aligned to modern day cargo handling requirements and developing long due connecting links from the manufacturing zone to the airports etc,” he adds. “With volumes growing and India becoming a favoured manufacturing hub – We need to ensure moving shipments is hassle free and customers having a pleasant experience from India. To this extent – introducing and use of modern day technologies will be a key factor.” He adds, “The theme is very apt. We will be extensively discussing on the challenges faced in the pandemic, the increased freight rate and scarcity of space, issues being faced with the airlines in this post COVID scenario, and lastly the GST waiver on freight charges which every year we have been discussing with GOI,” says Malbarwala.