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Logistics has opportunities for start-ups: Rajesh Yabaji

“Logistics industry has huge scope of becoming more effective which signals opportunities for many entrepreneurs, multiple investments. For the infrastructure to improve we need some inorganic pushes for this industry. Although the government continues to focus on building right quality infrastructure for this industry, private logistics players have to contribute to this journey. Imagining a world of seamless logistics and then jointly working with the government to get this implemented is important. As we continue to see this trend on logistics companies making inroads into various spaces within logistics, more and more consolidation of this space would happen. Logistics is all about optimised networks for transportation and warehousing and scale indeed plays a critical role in bringing optimisation into play. The entire eco-system of logistics is very elementary in our country. The logistics start-ups have been trying to solve these issues from a very fresh perspective,” says, Rajesh Yabaji, Co-Founder, BlackBuck while commenting on the start-ups in the logistics sector.

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