SpiceXpress ferries 100 tonne lychee, four times higher than 2021

SpiceXpress has transported 100 tonnes of lychee from Darbhanga in Bihar to various parts of the country this season, which is four times the quantity carried as compared to the last year, stated a release. Ajay Singh, CMD, SpiceJet, said, “We have transported 100 tonne of lychee from Darbhanga to various parts of the country till date. Timely transport of fresh produce is essential to minimise post-harvest loss and ensure availability in markets across the country. We are happy that through our cargo network, fresh produce is being transported timely and efficiently, helping the farming community maximise profits and access more markets across the country.” SpiceXpress has been transporting farm and agro products such as shrimps, fish seeds, fresh fruits, and vegetables to various domestic and international destinations to help farmers with timely access to markets and boost the export of agro products from the country.