DHL Supply Chain expands India Fulfilment Network in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai

With the focus on supporting growth of the Indian e-commerce ecosystem by expanding infrastructure and services, DHL Supply Chain has, after Bangalore, now expanded its India Fulfilment Network (IFN) to Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Delhi. The company has so far invested over INR 25 crores in capacity building through IFN. “The latest development is designed to be a launch pad curated for easing the B2C fulfilment process. It is a 360-degree supply chain solution for enterprises across sectors, allowing them to manage their fulfilment operations seamlessly in a fully online marketplace scenario. In addition to this, IFN also offers carrier agnostic transportation network linkages to brands and companies desiring to sell online, providing them with last mile delivery services to further bolster their independent models,” said an official release. Vikas Anand, Managing Director said, “Using IFN not only reduces delivery times, but also helps avoid long distance shipments across the country thus reducing CO2 emissions occurring from transport.”